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At Kazoodles, we want to be a vital, supportive resource in the Clark County community. We take this responsibility seriously. This area has been home to most of the staff for a long, long time, and we love it here! We offer these links to local services that kids and parents might find helpful.




Read Me a Blanket: Summer Reading Club

Our Summer Reading Club is a bit unusual. Kids read books and are rewarded with getting to choose cat blankets to be donated in their name to the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. The blankets are all made by volunteers.

To earn a blanket, kids read 5 easy books or picture books OR two level-appropriate chapter books OR one mega-book of 300 pages or more.

Like to knit or crochet? Have yarn to use up? Join the volunteer force that makes  8 x 17-inch blankets.

• You may use any stitch pattern and yarns.

• Machine washable yarns are preferred.

• The finished blanket should measure about 8 x 17 inches to fit the take-home box.

• Leave the tails at the beginning and end for the kitties to play with. Just square knot them.

Follow these crochet instructions:

Using a size N crochet hook and two strands of worsted weight acrylic yarn,

Chain 20, turn and work single crochet (sc) into second chain from hook.

Work a single crochet in each stitch across, chain 1, turn.

Continue working 19 single crochets each row for approximately 46 rows.

Or knit in any pattern, or use these instructions:

Use two strands of yarn (one can be solid and one variegated) and a size 15 knitting needle.

Cast on 20-23 stitches and work in garter stitch (knit every row) for 80-92 rows so you'll have 40-46 rows of "bumps" on each side of your work when you are finished.


Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington

Girl Scouts is a great opportunity to engage young girls in friendship, leadership and values. Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington has plenty of resources on enrollment, events and volunteer opportunities. At Kazoodles, we carry uniforms, pins, handbooks and insignia for your scout or for your troop.

Autism Empowerment

Autism Empowerment is a locally-based nonprofit organization dedicated to making life better and more meaningful for individuals and families in the autism and asperger communities. Find links to resources, events and other helpful tools.

Puddle Jumpin' Cards

If you've been to our front counter, you've  seen the handmade cards from Puddle Jumpin' Cards.  Puddle Jumpin' is the graphic design company of Sunny Rickards, whose parents just happen to own Kazoodles.  Visit her website to see more of her work — kids' stationery, wedding invitations, note cards and more.  She's happy to work with you on special orders.

Peacehealth Birth Center

Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center has a lot of great online resources for their Birth Center. Find information on ovulation, pregnancy and giving birth, and even some tips to help new dads get ready for the big day.





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