Our Staff

Mary Sisson – Owner

Girl Scout leader, newspaper reporter, guitar player, school PR person, writer, PTA mom, church lady, mom, grandma...somehow all those life experiences seemed to roll into the role of toy store owner for Miss Mary. She loves bringing people together. She's Cornish by heritage, drinks a lot of tea, loves to travel, and is proud of her kids and grandkids.




Bob Sisson – Owner

Mr. Bob is co-owner of Kazoodles along with Miss Mary. He loves getting to know Kazoodles customers from all walks of life, hearing their stories and helping them find just the right toys. When not at Kazoodles, Bob is at his other job as a copy editor at The Columbian. He enjoys gardening, riding his bike and being with his children and grandchildren. His late dog, Luka, considered Kazoodles his second home.




Susan Cox Clark – Manager Schmanager

A whiz at receiving merchandise, Susan brings management experience from Borders and Walmart to the mom-and-pop realm of Kazoodles. She and Dewey are parents to two teenagers, so she's tuned into the crazy toy store things teens enjoy. Susan and Leah share the manager schmanager position.



Leah Pickering – Manager Schmanager

With retail management, home schooling, freelance writing and mom experience, Leah joined the Kazoodles team in February 2014. She has extensive knowledge of sensory and special needs issues and is a great resource for families whose kids face specific challenges. Leah grew up in Vancouver. She shares manager schmanager duties with Susan.



Suzanne Mickelson – Sales Associate

Our Sunday Kazoodler, Suzanne brings a retail background from REI and Title Nine, and a real penchant for making the merchandise look great. Married to a history teacher, she's mom to preschooler Eleanor and was a regular Kazoodles customer before becoming part of the team.



Mary White – Sales Associate

The great-grandma of the group, Miss Mary White likes to help things grow, whether they're children or flowers. She's been with Kazoodles since before we opened, starting with the Good Samaritan Ministries Zambia group that volunteered to set up the store. Some of Miss Mary's most meaningful experiences have involved traveling in the Holy Lands and Africa.




Duane Cramer – Sales Associate

Way back on Christmas of 1957 Mr. Duane's Dad gave him an American Flyer train set. That was the beginning for him; he has loved model trains ever since. He knew that one day he would work for the railroad, and he did! Now he is retired and working at Kazoodles part-time. He has collected many model trains over the years, but he likes other toys too, especially puppets. He uses puppets in children's ministries at his church to tell Bible stories. Come play at Kazoodles!





13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98684

Winter Hours
Mon-Sat: 9:30a to 6:00p
Sun.: noon to 4:00p







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